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Sudanese Street Food & Falafel

in Berlin Eisenbahnstraße / Görlitzer Park

Falafel in Berlin Kreuzberg – Eisenbahnstraße

SAHARA IMBISS Kreuzberg – Eisenbahnstraße is located just 5 walking minutes away from Görlitzer Park, in Eisenbahnstraße 44. That is practically at the crossing with Moskauer Str. Our cozy restaurant offers a homely atmosphere and – when the weather permits – seating outside.

Enjoy our selection of Vegan, Vegetarian and other Sudanese Specialties in our restaurant, as a take-away (Pick Up Service), or delivered to your dour by our partners Deliveroo and Foodora.

To everyone who has only picked up one of our beloved SAHARA IMBISS Kreuzberg sandwiches on their way we must say, that Berlin Neighborhood of Mariannenplatz Kiez in Kreuzberg has rightfully earned its nice name.

In fact, the vicinity of our restaurant is admired by all modern Berliners and city guests. Chilling in Görlitzer Park amd Mariannenplatz or attending Events in Kunstquartier Bethanien or Markthalle Neun belongs to the local everyday.

Mariannenkirche and Kunstquartier Bethanien offer an inspiring experience of Berlin’s History and contemporary Culture. On the other hand, Markthalle Neun its a number one Destination for all gastronomy head – insiders and just fans. According to, its concept is to create a food centered location which shall present ways of “eating differently” and “shop differently” in the city. We might say that Sahara Imbiss Sudanese Specialties would fit this modern conception quite well 😉 Just pay us a visit!

Sahara Imbiss

Eisenbahnstraße 44
10997 Berlin